Friday, 18 November 2011

Chamber drawing number 2

Here is the second Chamber drawing that I did, which I like much more than my first attempt! This original A4 illustration is available for purchase at Thought Bubble this weekend for the price of £5!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Thought Bubble 2011!

Hello folks!

This weekend S. Atholl Gordon and I will be exhibiting at the Thought Bubble Convention in Leeds at the Saviles Hall! The floor plan is here. For the lazy people out there who isn't bothered with finding table number 112, I have another version of the floor plan below with our table highlighted in black!

S.Atholl Gordon will have his new comic book Spiralling on sale, which I urge everyone to buy! Spiralling is a full-colour 40 page comic, and it is also free to read here.

I'll have 25 pages of original Windrush art for sale at the weekend for the low price of £30 each! I'll also sell some original A4 sized drawings (example will be posted soon) for £5 each.

I hope to see you all there!

Monday, 7 November 2011

Comica Comiket!

Hello everyone! I didn't have time to give a report on the MCM Expo but I'll gradually post reviews on the comics I bought at the event (which was a lot!). However, this post is about Saturday's event Comica Comiket which I'll be exhibiting at along with many other British small press creators! Unfortunately, S. Atholl Gordon will not be exhibiting with me but you may see him around, mocking my comics, pointing and laughing at me because apparently the trousers I wear makes it look like I have a constant boner (please folks, do not come over to my table to see if the trouser thing is true...). I'll have 23 or 24 pages of Windrush original art for your viewing pleasure, and will be available for purchase at the very reasonable price of £30 each!

The Comica Comiket is held at : -
The Great Hall
Bishopsgate Institute 
230 Bishopsgate

There are some creators there I think people should check out while they're at the event (in the order they were listed on the website): -
Sean Azzopardi : - he is a highly versatile artist so make sure you pick up his Twelve Hour Shift while you're there!
David Lander : - he got third place at the Manga Jiman competition in 2009 for his 8 page story Last Drink, which features his wonderfully detailed illustrations!
Yuri Kore : - she is an incredible talent with years of professional experience back in Korea and was the winner of the Manga Jiman competition in 2009.
Zarina Liew : - she gained 2nd place at the Manga Jiman competition in 2009 so make sure to check out her beautiful illustrations!
Philippa Rice : - her work is wonderfully adorable and funny so make sure you check our her 118 page full colour collection of her webcomic My Cardboard Life!
Martin Eden : - a good friend of mine and the creator of The O Men and his current series Spandex (about a LGBT superhero team based in Brighton.) which has the perfect balance of drama and humour. The fifth issue was launched at the MCM Expo only two weeks ago so pick it up because there's a free trading card and free mini-comic to go along with it (and its really really good!).
Timothy Winchester : - Timothy is an incredibly nice person who you may have seen constantly giving out flyers non-stop at the other conventions. Very much like Philippa Rice's My Cardboard Life, his webcomic People I Know is equally as adorable and funny

Friday, 28 October 2011

Windrush issue one's 10 page preview!

Hi everyone!  Its that time of the month again for the London MCM Expo! S.Atholl Gordon and I will be sharing the table "A3." S.Atholl Gordon will be exhibiting today but I won't be able to so instead you all can see me on Saturday and Sunday! My tablemate will have new comics to see which can be found here.

Below you'll find a preview to the first 10 pages of my new superhero comic, Windrush issue one which is due for release in early 2012! Enjoy!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Windrush Issue 1 Teaser!

Ten preview pages of Windrush issue 1 coming up soon!

Convention Appearances!

Hello fellow comic book fans and random visitors! I'm sorry that I haven't posted anything for many months but much of my time was taken up by working on a comic with writer Alan Kasim for Myriad Editions' First Graphic Novel Competition. Some of you will see in one form or another if it doesn't get chosen as the winning piece.

The reason for this post is to announce my convention appearances, the first one will be next week at the London MCM Expo 28-30th at the Excel Centre! I'm sharing the table with S. Atholl Gordon as usual but you won't see me there on Friday, but expect to see me on Saturday and Sunday! You can also expect to see the first 10 pages of my new ongoing comic book series "Windrush". Sadly, this comic book won't see the light of day until early 2012 due to unforeseen real life circumstances (such as getting a full-time job) but you can get a free 10 page preview of Windrush at the MCM Expo, Comica Comiket and Thought Bubble in Leeds and you can get a sneaky look at the original art of the first 15 pages. For those of you who won't be able to attend any of these events can look at the previews online once I upload them after the Expo is over.

The second appearance will be at Comica Comiket, which is a one-day convention featuring the best in British small press and independent comics which sadly S.Atholl Gordon will not be able to attend so it'll be my first time exhibiting without a table mate! The event will be on Saturday 12th November. I've been hearing so many good things about this event from the previous year so I'm hoping to have a wonderful day!

My final appearance of the year will be at the Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds, and its the first time this event will be for two days! You can find me and Stuart at the Saviles Hall. I had an amazing time last year so hopefully this one will be just as enjoyable, or maybe even more so!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Upcoming Bristol Comic Expo!


Hello Folks!

Sorry for neglecting this blog for so long but I am here to inform everyone that Stuart Atholl Gordon and I will be sharing a table at the Bristol International Comic and Small Press Expo this weekend. Sadly, I don't have any new work to show off but I do have original pages from two new projects I am working on at the moment so feel free to pop by Table 95 and check them out!

T'sao Wei

Excuse me for reposting this but I accidentally pulled the post >_<.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

MCM London Expo May 2011

This weekend I will be attending the MCM Expo at the ExCel centre and I'll be sharing a table with my good friends Stuart Atholl Gordon and Thuc-Chinh To. Hopefully this weekend will see Thuc-Chinh and Stuart's picture book Monday's Child go on sale along with (hopefully) my new 7 page comic book called Kingdom of Illusion. A preview of Monday's Child can be found here and a panel preview of Kingdom of Illusion can be found below.
I'm very excited about the prospect of Monday's Child making an appearance at the MCM Expo because it's a beautiful piece of work, and carefully hand-bound  by Thuc Chinh, so make sure you pick up a copy!
The usual books on sale are my very own Through These Slanted Eyes, A Lonely Raven, Neon Loneliness (written by Stuart Atholl Gordon) and Stuart's Petunia Rascal.

Friday, 18 March 2011

London CSPE and Illustration 4 & 5

Hi everyone!

I had a very good time at the London Comic and Small Press Expo last Saturday and I met some great people. The morning was quiet but it gradually got busy. Surprisingly my autobiographical comic book "Through These Slanted Eyes" did quite well at the Expo, I consider it a comic book with too many flaws to count, particularly because it's my published first comic, so I was happy to hear that many were very complimentary about my early art style. Someday I may do a sequel to "Through These Slanted Eyes" using the simplified art style I previously used and most likely the story will be less depressing!

And also, thank you all for the kind words about my work-in-progress "Chester Goes Underground", even though I only had the front cover and first page to show to everyone! The comic is written by my good friend Alan Kasim and I promise you that he is a talent to look out for in the future.

I was previously too busy to post the last two A4 drawings I did for the event, so here they are in all it's glory!

(Above) Stuart Atholl Gordon's Petunia Rascal (left) causing trouble.

Have a lovely weekend all!

T'sao Wei

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Drawing Number 3 for the London Comic and Small Press Expo!

Here's the third drawing everyone! This image also features the first appearance of a new character of mine called Zeppelin Hed, who is basically a Swamp Thing-type creature who has the head of a Zeppelin and a giant Octopus on his chest.

Drawing Number 2 for the London Comic and Small Press Expo!

 Here is the second drawing everyone!

Drawings for the London Comic and Small Press Expo!

In my previous post I mentioned that I will have five A4 drawings based on the characters of Neon Loneliness to go on sale this Saturday for the London Comic and Small Press Expo which will be held here:-

Goldsmiths University,
New Cross,
SE14 6NW

Additional info can be found here

So far I have illustrated three of the five drawings for everyone to see! Just to remind everyone, these are original drawings done by me and they will not be replicated or sold as prints, so anyone who buys them will no doubt be the owners of the only copy!

Here is the first image!

Monday, 28 February 2011

New stockist for Neon Loneliness!

Neon Loneliness is now stocked in Foyles Bookshop on Charing Cross Road!


Hi everyone, it's been awhile since I posted anything. Just to let everyone know that I will be sharing a table with Stuart Atholl Gordon at the London Comic and Small Press Expo at:-

Goldsmiths University,
New Cross,
SE14 6NW.

If you are at the Expo please pay a visit to our table and you'll get to have a glimpse at the original artwork I've done for Chester Goes Underground so far (admittedly I've only drawn the cover and the first two pages, but it's still worth checking out!) and I will be selling some A4 ink drawings based on our comic Neon Loneliness. These drawings will be one-of-a-kind so you won't find me drawing the same thing twice. There will only be five drawings sold at the event so make sure you to snatch them up quick!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

T'sao Wei's drawing of Liberty

On November of 2010 I did a sketch for The O Men and Spandex creator Martin Eden based on his character Liberty (the transvestite superhero from Spandex) which can be seen here!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I haven't posted anything in a long while so I'll use this opportunity to discuss my upcoming work. Right now I am working on my third comic book called Chester Goes Underground with a talented writer and close friend Alan Kasim who helped with the editing of my first comic book Through These Slanted Eyes. Chester Goes Underground will be the first comic written by Alan but we also have four collaborative projects in the works which I am very excited about because I'm really eager for the world to know of this talented writer.

Chester Goes Underground is an all-age comic book starring a young lad named Chester Chums who is separated from his parents and goes on a strange and wonderful journey in the London Underground, meeting many strange and wonderful people along the way. So...when will this comic be finished? I guess that will depend me unfortunately, I'll be drawing the comic and making sure it's up to publishing quality! More news on Chester Goes Underground in the near future!

The four other projects cannot be discussed here (as much as I want to) but we will slowly reveal them in the future, as Alan forms a solid script for each of them.

I hope everyone had a wonderful 2010 and an ever better 2011!

T'sao Wei