Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I haven't posted anything in a long while so I'll use this opportunity to discuss my upcoming work. Right now I am working on my third comic book called Chester Goes Underground with a talented writer and close friend Alan Kasim who helped with the editing of my first comic book Through These Slanted Eyes. Chester Goes Underground will be the first comic written by Alan but we also have four collaborative projects in the works which I am very excited about because I'm really eager for the world to know of this talented writer.

Chester Goes Underground is an all-age comic book starring a young lad named Chester Chums who is separated from his parents and goes on a strange and wonderful journey in the London Underground, meeting many strange and wonderful people along the way. So...when will this comic be finished? I guess that will depend me unfortunately, I'll be drawing the comic and making sure it's up to publishing quality! More news on Chester Goes Underground in the near future!

The four other projects cannot be discussed here (as much as I want to) but we will slowly reveal them in the future, as Alan forms a solid script for each of them.

I hope everyone had a wonderful 2010 and an ever better 2011!

T'sao Wei

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