Friday, 18 March 2011

London CSPE and Illustration 4 & 5

Hi everyone!

I had a very good time at the London Comic and Small Press Expo last Saturday and I met some great people. The morning was quiet but it gradually got busy. Surprisingly my autobiographical comic book "Through These Slanted Eyes" did quite well at the Expo, I consider it a comic book with too many flaws to count, particularly because it's my published first comic, so I was happy to hear that many were very complimentary about my early art style. Someday I may do a sequel to "Through These Slanted Eyes" using the simplified art style I previously used and most likely the story will be less depressing!

And also, thank you all for the kind words about my work-in-progress "Chester Goes Underground", even though I only had the front cover and first page to show to everyone! The comic is written by my good friend Alan Kasim and I promise you that he is a talent to look out for in the future.

I was previously too busy to post the last two A4 drawings I did for the event, so here they are in all it's glory!

(Above) Stuart Atholl Gordon's Petunia Rascal (left) causing trouble.

Have a lovely weekend all!

T'sao Wei

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Drawing Number 3 for the London Comic and Small Press Expo!

Here's the third drawing everyone! This image also features the first appearance of a new character of mine called Zeppelin Hed, who is basically a Swamp Thing-type creature who has the head of a Zeppelin and a giant Octopus on his chest.

Drawing Number 2 for the London Comic and Small Press Expo!

 Here is the second drawing everyone!

Drawings for the London Comic and Small Press Expo!

In my previous post I mentioned that I will have five A4 drawings based on the characters of Neon Loneliness to go on sale this Saturday for the London Comic and Small Press Expo which will be held here:-

Goldsmiths University,
New Cross,
SE14 6NW

Additional info can be found here

So far I have illustrated three of the five drawings for everyone to see! Just to remind everyone, these are original drawings done by me and they will not be replicated or sold as prints, so anyone who buys them will no doubt be the owners of the only copy!

Here is the first image!