Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Neon Loneliness drawing by Martin Eden

Having had a nice chat with Martin Eden at Thought Bubble (a person whose work I've admired for years now but I'm finally able to put a face to the name) I received a lovely drawing from him of the sea creature from Neon Loneliness the very next morning, just as I was about to draw Liberty from Spandex for Martin. The drawing is here for everyone to see! Info on Martin's comic book Spandex can be found on this website:- http://spandexcomic.wordpress.com/ and lets not forget The O Men! http://www.comix.org.uk/theomen/.

A Day of Comic Books in Leeds

Hi everyone! I had a great time at Thought Bubble convention up in Leeds, even if we had to cram 4 people behind one table! We sold some comics, bought some comics, ate a lot of pizza, gave away free copies of the economy edition of A Lonely Raven.

I only bought three comics on the day:-

Filmish: Comic Book Essays on Film Theory by Edward Ross:- The storytelling style used in this comic is similar to that of Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics, which is a compliment from me! The essays were well done and I would definitely pick up Filmish Issue 2 and 100 Tiny Moments From My Past, Present and Future.

Spandex by Martin Eden:- The creator of one of my favourite superhero comics The O Men comes the tale of an all-gay super team Spandex with their transvestite leader Liberty aka Jason Ford. Spandex teams up to stop a 50 ft Lesbian from wrecking havoc in Brighton, death of a team member and a character who can has the power to absorb the abilities and skills of any gay person within the vicinity!

EthelSparrowhawk’s Terrible Hangover by Steven Tillotson and Jemima VonSchindelberg:- This is a good sequel to the brilliant tragicomedy Ethel Sparrowhawk. We follow Ethel as she tries her best to turn her life around after a series of bad luck and escape a life of monotony to follow her dreams. I've followed Steven Tillotson’s work on Banal Pig, one of my favourite comics to read for its uncomfortable dark humour and the disturbing look of Jolly Bear. 

Make sure to check out these comics which are available for online purchase online their websites.

Monday, 15 November 2010


This Saturday (20th Nov) I'll be at Thought Bubble in Leeds sharing a table with Stuart Gordon and Yuri Kore. T'sao Wei and I will have our new book, Neon Loneliness, available as well our usual stuff.

Yuri Kore is a very talented small press creator and winner of the Manga Jiman 2009, Stuart Gordon is a runner-up of the competition of that same year and it's an honour to be sharing a table with both of them.

We’ll also debut Stuart’s new double sided poster comic called The Plankmen. It's about the ultra-exciting adventures of three blokes who use wooden planks as a way of getting from A to B.

If you're about then please come by and say hi!

Monday, 8 November 2010


Neon Loneliness is a comic book about a humanoid sea creature trying to fit in with human society but of course he is shunned and treated as an outsider.

This is my first collaboration with friend and colleague Stuart Atholl Gordon.

Neon Loneliness is a 20 page comic book which is now available at the following shops-

Mega City Comics

Orbital Comics

alternatively the comic can be purchased at my online store.