Monday, 7 November 2011

Comica Comiket!

Hello everyone! I didn't have time to give a report on the MCM Expo but I'll gradually post reviews on the comics I bought at the event (which was a lot!). However, this post is about Saturday's event Comica Comiket which I'll be exhibiting at along with many other British small press creators! Unfortunately, S. Atholl Gordon will not be exhibiting with me but you may see him around, mocking my comics, pointing and laughing at me because apparently the trousers I wear makes it look like I have a constant boner (please folks, do not come over to my table to see if the trouser thing is true...). I'll have 23 or 24 pages of Windrush original art for your viewing pleasure, and will be available for purchase at the very reasonable price of £30 each!

The Comica Comiket is held at : -
The Great Hall
Bishopsgate Institute 
230 Bishopsgate

There are some creators there I think people should check out while they're at the event (in the order they were listed on the website): -
Sean Azzopardi : - he is a highly versatile artist so make sure you pick up his Twelve Hour Shift while you're there!
David Lander : - he got third place at the Manga Jiman competition in 2009 for his 8 page story Last Drink, which features his wonderfully detailed illustrations!
Yuri Kore : - she is an incredible talent with years of professional experience back in Korea and was the winner of the Manga Jiman competition in 2009.
Zarina Liew : - she gained 2nd place at the Manga Jiman competition in 2009 so make sure to check out her beautiful illustrations!
Philippa Rice : - her work is wonderfully adorable and funny so make sure you check our her 118 page full colour collection of her webcomic My Cardboard Life!
Martin Eden : - a good friend of mine and the creator of The O Men and his current series Spandex (about a LGBT superhero team based in Brighton.) which has the perfect balance of drama and humour. The fifth issue was launched at the MCM Expo only two weeks ago so pick it up because there's a free trading card and free mini-comic to go along with it (and its really really good!).
Timothy Winchester : - Timothy is an incredibly nice person who you may have seen constantly giving out flyers non-stop at the other conventions. Very much like Philippa Rice's My Cardboard Life, his webcomic People I Know is equally as adorable and funny

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